Optimization Solvers

MASSpy utilizes Optlang as a common interface for different optimization solvers. By default, MASSpy will come with swiglpk, an interface to the open source (mixed integer) linear programming (LP) solver GLPK. However, in order to utilize specific MASSpy features, a (mixed integer) quadratic programming (QP) solver are necessary.

The following features require QP support:

  • Concentration solution space sampling

The following optional solvers are currently supported by Optlang:

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio

The IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio (CPLEX) can be utilized through the CPLEX Python API.

  • To use CPLEX, a license must be obtained. Free academic licences are available.

  • To use CPLEX with Docker, an installer file must also be downloaded.

    Homepage | Documentation | Academic License

Gurobi Optimizer

The Gurobi Optimizer (Gurobi) is utilized through the Gurobi Python Interface.

Working with other solvers

Prefer to work with a different optimization solver? It is possible to import/export optimization problems for use in other solvers. Read more at Import and Export of Optimization Problems.