Quick Start Guide

To quickly get started with the latest version of MASSpy, check out the information below!

With Python

The recommended method is to install MASSpy is to use pip to install the software from the Python Package Index. It is recommended to do this inside a virtual environment):

pip install masspy

With Docker

To quickly get started with the latest version of MASSpy using Docker, run the following commands in a shell:

docker pull sbrg/masspy
docker run --rm \
    --mount type=volume,src=licenses,dst=/home/masspy_user/opt/licenses \
    --mount type=volume,src=mass_project,dst=/home/masspy_user/mass_project \
    --publish 8888:8888 \
    -it sbrg/masspy

From within the container, either run python or jupyter notebook --ip= --port=8888 depending on the desired Python workspace.

Optimization in MASSpy

By default, MASSpy comes with the GLPK solver. However, specific features of MASSpy require a commercial optimization solver with additional solving capabilities. For more information, check out the section on Optimization Solvers.